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PrivateNess Network - NESS - CX Fiber Next Generation Blockchain 3.0

It is with great excitement that we are ready to unveil the details of our limited edition all-in-one packages for 20 future lucky CoreNodes operators on the PrivateNess Network.

These all-in-one and pre-configured packages will contain everything necessary to operate on the mainnet from day 1 and will have the exclusive right to receive the nodes rewards for a period of 15 days.

As you have already read in our Litepaper, each CoreNodes will need to authenticate with a valid NFT signature in order to receive rewards and operate on the network. This NFT guarantees the authenticity of the CoreNodes and also that the operator has the 20,000 NESS in collateral.

In addition, these 20 packages will each contain an exclusive NFT of a unique series which may increase in value in the future. This genesis limited edition series will have the serial number from 0.001 to 0.020 and no other NFT will be created under the 0.xxx series. The genesis series for the general public will start with the numbers 1.001 to 1.999 then 2.001 to 2.999 etc…

You can compare these NFTs to rare collectibles that some may want to own in the future! Be aware that nothing prevents one of these 20 operators from keeping this special edition NFT safe after the 6 month period and replacing it with a NFT genesis from a subsequent series to continue operating their CoreNodes.


Here are the details of each of the 20 special edition packages:

  • VPS (Virtual private server) for 6 month pre-configured and activated on network.
  • Collectible NFT Genesis limited edition serie 0.000 (will be assigned randomly).
  • 20,000 NESS locked for 6 month (can be withdraw by CoreNodes owner after the 6 month period).
  • Exclusive rewards period for the first 15 days on mainnet.


What will the funds raised from this exclusive sale be used for?

As you know, we are a community project and have no ICOs or private sales. These funds will mainly be used to cover the costs of operations, mainnet development, launch marketing and listing fees of the native NESS coin on exchanges supporting Fiber CX technology.

It is a way for the community to help this same community to progress together and to benefit from incentives.


Packages price: 0.5 ETH per packages.

(Limit of 2 packages per users)


* Registration will begin on November 1st 2020 and will last for 15 days. If there is more demand than supply, a draw will be made.


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