Bootstrapped Wallet Sync

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Dear PrivateNess Community!

If you haven’t Swapped your coins yet, this will benefit you greatly and immediately. If you already have, this will showcase a service we’ll be able to offer at launch (details in a future post) but for now:

As you already know, 20% of RPM total supply have already been burned in less than a week!

At time of writing we are still under 25% burned. We realize that having to wait 18+ hours for a minute operation is wasteful and unproductive so we decided to make it as fast and efficient as possible without compromising your security.


To that end we decided take advantage of a new tool in our arsenal, the new File Validator service unleashed by Emercoin this week. This Proof of File Validity Service allow us to securely provide you with a simple “Download, Extract and Play” solution to synchronize in minutes instead of hours in the form of a 7-zip archive (.7z) that contains a Bootstrapped Wallet synched until to September 3th 2020.

(You’ll need to be able to extract a .7z file, if not download 7-zip for windows here.)


Before you begin, be sure to have your wallet file on-hand. If the filename is not wallet.dat please make it so and copy it in an “easy to remember” folder. When you’re ready, let’s burn.



If the two SHA-256 Signatures are a match you can safely extract the file to your “easy to remember folder” along with your wallet.dat. Start Repme-qt.exe and when asked, browse to your “easy to remember folder” and within a few minutes you’ll be synchronized. You can now continue the swap procedure from there.


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