NESS supply distribution

PrivateNess Network - NESS - CX Fiber Next Generation Blockchain 3.0

The PrivateNess Network includes a native coins called NESS. This coins will be used for all operations on the blockchain and will have a maximum of 200 Millions coins supply without any possibility of increase in the future.

Here is how the supply will be distributed in the different network budgets:

  • 100 Millions $NESS from old $RPM blockchain swap. The excess not transferred will be burned.
  • 50 Millions $NESS will be reserved as rewards for the work of the CoreNodes operators.
  • 20 Millions $NESS will be allocated to the development budget.
  • 10 Millions $NESS will be allocated to the marketing budget.
  • 20 Millions $NESS will be kept as team reserve.


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