CloudNess Release

PrivateNess Network - NESS - CX Fiber Next Generation Blockchain 3.0

The first product in a series with endless possibilities

The PrivateNess Network is proud to unveil its first product which will be launched at the same time as the mainnet. CloudNess is not a simple cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive, CloudNess is a storage platform that connects the entire PrivateNess community together, including team members, CoreNodes operators or regular users looking for an all-in-one solution, secure, encrypted and decentralized.

Using the incredible capacity of the open source NextCloud and perfectly adapted to the needs of our network, CloudNess is the ideal tool to progress together in the development of the network.

PrivateNess Network - NESS - CX Fiber Next Generation Blockchain 3.0


An open source solution adapted to the needs of the network

We have brought together all the essential functions to allow everyone to enjoy increased security for all their files stored in the cloud and fully encrypted. In addition, this collaborative platform allows interaction between the entire community while ensuring total confidentiality on private files or folders.

Let’s start our overview with the dashboard which is the default home screen when the user logs in. It is fully customizable by the user and contains all the latest news and activities.


Bring the Cloud to its maximum potential

With a simple and clean design, CloudNess works like any Cloud on the market with sharing functions between community users or with external users. It contains the private folders and files uploaded by the user but also all the network resources updated in real time.


Your private and encrypted camera roll

Working like a film on our smart phones, this function allows you to group your images into different groups, add comments and view them directly on the platform. CloudNess can also be synchronized via your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) but also with the NextCloud mobile app available on Android and Apple.


Easier email management

Send and receive your emails directly through the CloudNess platform by adding your account. You will be able to do everything in one place without having dozens of windows open in your browser. CloudNess mail supports most email providers as well as IMAP / POP / SMTP protocols


Stay informed of your schedule but also that of the network

The integrated calendar allows you to synchronize any of your existing calendars but also to follow the events shared by the PrivateNess Network team. You will therefore not miss any important date and will be the first to know.


Manage your contacts as well as those of the network

Add, import and modify your contacts in addition to those of the community with our powerful tools. Create groups or join groups to share or edit files together.


Stay first informed at all times

CloudNess includes a powerful announcement module that allows us to send you notifications automatically when we publish important information such as updates, partnerships, listings on exchanges or any other type of important communication.


The sky is the limit

Taking advantage of continuous development from the NextCloud community and having the advantage of being open source, the add-ons are endless. This will make it easy for us to take advantage of all the new features when we feel the need to use them.


Pricing and storage limit

CloudNess plans will be unveiled in the coming weeks. We will automatically add a 6 month plan with a 5 GB limit to all CoreNodes Exclusive Packages users at no additional cost.



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