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PrivateNess Network - NESS - CX Fiber Next Generation Blockchain 3.0

Hello dear supporter and welcome to this new era, either one where we let go of our mistakes of the past and give way to the beauty that awaits us ahead.

For several months now, many of us have been living the anguish of knowing what will happen to the RepMe project (RPM) as well as its primary vision of privacy and identity protection.

Some of us believed it, some didn’t. In the end, we are proud to announce that we will make it happen, together!

In the coming weeks, we will put in place a transition procedure in order to let the RepMe blockchain, which has become obsolete and unusable in the context that we want to navigate, die permanently. This will also allow us to permanently break the link that remains with this promising project which probably never saw the light of day.

Temporary transition between the RepMe chain and the PrivateNESS chain via ERC20 swap

The primary purpose of using a transient ERC20 is simple. On the technical side, this will allow you to easily and quickly exchange RPM coins for NESS tokens (1000:1) and then migrate ERC20 NESS to the NESS mainnet once online.

This will also allow us to take advantage of the current masternode operators to use their resources on the NESS testnet instead of supporting a blockchain that has become unnecessary.

The period allocated to the SWAP will be 90 days and the remaining coins will be redistributed or burned according to a community vote. We could, by way of example, consider using them for marketing campaigns, social campaigns or other types of promotions.

We are currently awaiting the green light from our swap partners and we will be able to announce specific dates to you. In the meantime, keep your RPMs in your respective wallets and be sure to synchronize your wallets from time to time. This also helps keep the current blockchain active for one last dance.

Thank you for continuing to believe in it and for being among us in this brand new adventure!


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